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Koleka Putuma Artist Merchandise Store


Koleka Putuma Store

Artist Merchandise Store

With Love responded to our client’s need to have her Poetry cited, particularly on social media. Together, we created the Statement Collection, a merchandise range that documents and shares quotes, poems, and ideas in process.

First created to combat the anti-citation epidemic that plagues the streets of social media, the statement collection was copyrighted to set the record straight and take care of business (in every cents of the word!). As the collection expands, so do the statements and areas of combat. T-shirts and Totes never ended wars, but they have started and facilitated many conversations.

These words have resonated and have been carried by so many of Koleka's readers worldwide, so it was only fitting to make them tangible in this way as well.

The Statement Collection can be shopped on the Artist's website and social media pages, along with her published works.

With Love is proud to be partnered with Koleka Putuma on this project as Manager and Cultural Producer.